Witch | 2 Girls
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Based on Perihan Mağden’s best selling novel, 2Girls is a teenage drama set in modern İstanbul. Handan and Behiye are bound together with their desires to escape their lives, but are trapped by class and family. Love that initially holds them together soon evolves into a destructive force with dire consequences. Considered the sister film of the earlier Lola+Bilidikid, 2Girls was a commercial and critical success, winning a number of awards. It confirmed Ataman’s position in the top rank of leading filmmakers working in Europe.



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Behiye, who struggles with life in a poor suburb of İstanbul, meets Handan, bored with her existence in a luxurious neighbourhood. In spite of the sharp contrasts in their lives, their desire to escape their families binds them together. Handan’s glamorous mother manages to survive by becoming the mistress of a rich businessman after her husband abandons her and Handan and goes to Australia. The ways in which the two young friends plan their escape will bring unexpected trouble and danger to them both.

Director: Kutluğ Ataman
Screenplay: Kutluğ Ataman
Production Company: Witch
Producers: Kutluğ Ataman
Gülen Güler
Director of Photography: Emre Erkmen
Music: Replikas
Art Director: Emel Güntaş
Editor: Zeynep Zilelioğlu
Based on the Novel by: Perihan Mağden
Feride Çetin
Vildan Atasever
Hülya Avşar
Tuğçe Tamer
Sezgi Mengi
Uğur Baltepe
Cengiz Sezici
Gönen Bozbey
Hikmet Körmükçü
Murat Prosciler
Savaş Akova
Original Title: 2Genç Kız
English Title: 2Girls
Original Format: SD Digital
Colour: Colour
Length: 107 minutes
Language: Turkish
Subtitles: English
Aspect Ratio: 1.85
Sound: Dolby Digital
Year 2004
Genre: Drama