Witch | Lola+Bilidikid
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Gay teenage drama set in Berlin. This fast-paced drama charged with testosterone and humour opens a unique window on a rarely seen world of Turkish drag queens and their macho Turkish lovers. Opening the Panorama section of the Berlinale with critical acclaim and a standing ovation, Lola+Bilidikid is now a classic of Queer Cinema. The film stirred controversy in Turkey when first released. It won awards in Berlinale, Istanbul Film Festival and festivals around the globe. It has cult status as the first Turkish film of its kind.



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Festivals and Awards

  • 1999 49th Berlin International Film Festival -Panorama Opening Film
  • 1999 Torino International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival -Best Film
  • 2000 Ankara International Film Festival– Best Director, Best Cinematography
  • 1999 Istanbul International Film Festival – People’s Choice Award
  • 1999 Antalya International Golden Orange Film Festival – Best Supporting Actress

Murat lives in Berlin with his mother and his macho older brother, Osman. Murat is realising he’s gay, a fact not helped by Osman who forces him to lose his virginity to a female prostitute. Murat runs away from his family, finds himself in a club and meets Lola, a member of a drag queen act. They share their stories and find much in common. Murat also meets Bili, Lola’s black-leather-jacketed lover, a guy with attitude and a history of violence. Over time, Murat will learn the horrible truth about his family and his older brother.

Director: Kutluğ Ataman
Screenplay: Kutluğ Ataman
Producers: James Schamus
Martin Hagemann
Production Companies: Witch
Zero Film
Good Machine
Director of Photography: Chris Squires
Music: Arpad Bondy
Art Director: John Di Minico
Editor: Ewa Lind
Gandi Mukli
Baki Davrak
Erdal Yıldız
Inge Keller
Michael Gerber
Murat Yılmaz
Hasan Ali Mete
Hakan Tandoğan
Cihangir Gümüştürkmen
Celal Perk
Mesut Özdemir
Ulrich Simontowitz
Willi Herren
Mario Irrek
Jan Andres
Original Title: Lola+Bilidikid
English Title: Lola+Bilidikid
Original Format: 35 mm
Colour: Colour
Length: 90 minutes
Language: Turkish / German
Subtitles: Turkish / German / English
Aspect Ratio: 1.85
Sound: Dolby Stereo
Year: 1998
Genre: Drama