Review: Summer Exhibition 2016, Royal Academy of Arts

9 June 2016 Review: Summer Exhibition 2016, Royal Academy of Arts


In contrast, the blue wave formed from a myriad of tiny LCD screens that hang from the ceiling in Gallery I takes your breath away. Kutlug Ataman’s Portrait of Sakip Sabanci is a constantly changing collection of tiny portraits, photos of people, who were all connected in some way to this Turkish businessman and philanthropist. It’s a perfect demonstration of defining a human being by who they share their life with, and whose lives they touch along the way.
And, such is the diversity of works on display, that you can go from this to the delicate works from Aono Fumiaki who has restored everyday items destroyed, washed up and abandoned as a result of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, items such as a cassette tape, books, and a sake bottle. These are pieces that make a huge impression in a very quiet and understated manner.There is so much to admire, enjoy and absorb in this brilliant instalment of this annual institution. So much so that I will, unquestionably, be returning for a second visit.

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