Sakıp Sabancı portrait represents Turkey

23 June 2016 Sakıp Sabancı portrait represents Turkey


“The Portrait of Sakıp Sabancı,” created by artist Kutluğ Ataman using 10,000 LCD screens, is on display at one of the most prestigious museums in the world, London’s Royal Academy of Arts. 

Speaking about the story of the Sabancı portrait, Sabancı Holding CEO Zafer Kurtul said it was created with portrait photos of 10,000 volunteers and that the artwork represented Turkey. 

He said that they wanted such a work created for the 10th anniversary of the death of businessman Sabancı, and commissioned world-famous Turkish artist Ataman to make it. 

He also said the portrait was first displayed at the Sakıp Sabancı Museum and then received an invitation from the Venice Biennial.

“Now it is on display at the Royal Academy of Arts in London. Sakıp Sabancı was a commercial genius. Every genius is inspired by a source. Sabancı’s source was to serve the country, to serve the society and contribution to art. This artwork symbolizes working together and democracy. We brought together the photos of 10,000 of our workers. Actually, it represents our country,” Kutluğ said. 

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