Witch | Serpent’s Tale
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Kutluğ Ataman’s first feature. Romantic vampire myth set against the backdrop of the decaying beauty of 1990′s İstanbul. The Serpent’s Tale brought Ataman rapid acclaim, winning many awards at international festivals. It is considered the film that signalled the birth of Young Turkish Arthouse Cinema. Reviving the genre cinema in Turkey, it quickly became an international cult movie.



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Richie Hunter is an attractive American who lives in İstanbul. He meets a stranger, Haldun, who gives him a note with directions. These lead him to visit an aristocrat called Lamia living in a small palace on the Bosphorus. On discovering a piece of parchment Richie finds himself caught up in the intrigues of Lamia’s household. Lamia’s son has died, but Richie has an encounter with the son in a dark passage, and the story unfolds.

Director: Kutluğ Ataman
Screenplay: Kutluğ Ataman
Producer: Kutluğ Ataman
Production Company: Witch
Director of Photography: Chris Squires
Music: Blake Leyh
Art Director: Sıla Sayın
Editor: Annabel Ware
Gönen Bozbey
Metin Uygun
Daniel Chace
Eric Pio
Haluk Kurdoğlu
Tülin Oral
Semiha Berksoy
Cevat Kurtuluş
Beste Çınarcı
Original Title: Karanlık Sular
English Title: The Serpent’s Tale
Original Format: 35 mm
Colour: Colour
Length: 84 minutes
Language: Turkish / English
Subtitles: English / Turkish
Aspect Ratio: 1.85
Sound: Stereo
Country of Origin: Turkey
Year: 1994
Genre: Horror / Mystery